Golden Eagle

Golden eagles are the most important predator of calves.


Migratory wolf packs kill between 3% and 5% of the herd each year.

Grizzly Bear

Grizzlies will eat calves and adult caribou.


Wolverines kill newborn calves, cows giving birth and other weak adults.


These “micro-predators” can take as much as half a cup of blood every day from adult caribou. Mosquitoes can irritate caribou so much that they get distracted from eating. They can prevent cows from nursing their young and can even drive them to the point of injuring themselves as they rush about trying to get away from the annoying bugs.


Humans kill caribou each year, either intentionally by hunting them or accidentally by stressing them out. Getting chased or disturbed by snowmachines or aircraft can cause a chemical build-up in the caribou’s muscles, which can kill the animal long after the actual event. Panicked caribou can also get injured running or get frostbite in their lungs from panting in extreme cold.

Don’t chase the caribou!!!!