Developing a Conservation Plan for the Herd

The PCMB is working on behalf of the Parties to create a conservation plan for the Canadian portion of the range. This plan will provide habitat management guidance for the herd and build on existing conservation and land use planning efforts already made by the Parties to protect the herd.

Contributing to the National Recovery Strategy

This plan will inform the national recovery strategy for barren-ground caribou in Canada (if caribou are listed). In 2016, the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada assessed barren-ground caribou in Canada as “Threatened.” The Government of Canada is currently undergoing consultations to consider listing it as such under the federal Species at Risk Act. If listed, a national recovery strategy will be required.

Combining Knowledge

A very large body of scientific and traditional knowledge exists for the Porcupine caribou herd. The herd has been scientifically studied since the 1970s and Traditional Knowledge observation has occurred for as long as people have lived alongside the herd. The PCMB is working with Parties on a Traditional Knowledge data mobilization project to inform the Conservation Plan.